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Ground Rules

A few ground rules with regard to my style of gamemastering:

  • If there is a rule that we are unsure of, I’ll houserule it until the end of the session. Afterwards, we can look it up. If the situation in question could result in the loss of a character’s life or wealth, by all means feel free to stop game to look it up.
  • I will not fudge rolls during this campaign. We have unfortunately lost characters due to this stylistic choice. It is my belief that players can truly appreciate their character when they know that they aren’t bulletproof.
  • In all of Eberron, there is only one cleric who is known to be able to raise adventurers from the dead, and this is possible only within the city walls of Flamekeep. Moral of the story: heroes (especially higher level ones) are rare in Eberron, because death is generally final.

Traps in Eberron

It is quite well known that I enjoy elaborate traps set inside of my dungeons. A new format will be used for traps:

  • Characters with perception will be given a check to recognize a trap.
  • On a successful check, the party will have one round to act before the trap begins its actions.
  • Encounter traps will have several mechanisms or dangers to be dealt with, giving each party member a chance to interact and play.
  • Imagine the classic Indiana Jones trap; this is the flavor that Eberron aims for.

Dragonshards in Eberron

Dragonshards are vital to any Eberron campaign. A few ways to utilize them:

  • Using Khyber shards to bind souls
  • Using Eberron shards to create magical items
  • Using Siberys shards to power special abilities
  • Using pre-cut Shards to enhance already magical weapons and armor
  • Using shards to Buy influence with powerful groups or individuals

House Rules

I will be using several house rules:

  • All characters will have a +1 to attack rolls and all defenses. This bonus increases to +2 at 11th level.
  • Each player will get the opportunity to gain 2 bonus Eberron “story” feats. By answering a questionnaire, you will gain a bonus feat to be used however you would like, and another feat that must be used on a skill feat, like skill focus, skill training, or jack of all trades.

Character Death

  • At 0 hp or less, you fall unconscious and are dying.
  • At the start of their turn, if a character has failed two death saving throws, they can choose to spend all remaining surges and regain hit points equal to their surge value. If this option is chosen, the character stands from prone as a free action. The character has one minor action, one move action, and two standard actions. After the character completes these actions, they are considered to have failed their third saving throw, and the character dies.

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